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Spirit of Yagé: Ayahuasca Journeys in Colombia and Peru

Yagé shaman (Taita) of the Indigenous Camsá people of the Colombian Amazon, during the Ayahuasca ritual at night

Spirit of Yagé: Ayahuasca Adventure in Colombia, coming soon!

A most enchanting Ayahuasca journey with the powerful indigenous senior Indian shamans (Taitas) of Southern Colombia, the true masters depositary of the ancestral knowledge of Yagé, guardians of the medicine and its most intimate secrets. An incomparable journey of empowerment, wonder, healing and transformation, amid a spectacular uncontaminated nature of unrivalled beauty, with the cool crystalline waters of splendid cascading waterfalls, rivers and canyons, and luscious coffee plantations, in the middle of thick cloud forest and jungle vegetation, at the foot of the Andes. With the opportunity to explore the most mysterious and largest pre-Columbian complex of ancient underground stone statues ever discovered in the Americas.


 The spirit of Yagé and the energy of a dragon, the Taita holds – in trance – a crystal ball during the Ayahuasca healing ceremony


Be ready for the most amazing, powerful and extraordinary Yagé ceremony of your life, on New Year’s Eve, the night of the 31st of December 2014, when dozens of indigenous Taitas (Colombian Yagé shamans) will gather with their teacher, the Taita Tigre (the Tiger Shaman, the primordial shaman, a shaman capable to shape-shift into a tiger or a jaguar), in Southern Colombia, for a special night with the medicine. No Ayahuasca retreat centre will match the authenticity, power and energy that will be generated during this unique night. Be prepared to tune-in to a superior dimension. To be offered the privilege to participate in an Ayahuasca ceremony, with so many native shamans alongside their Tiger Shaman (the highest degree a shaman may reach, in this part of South America) is a rare, if not unique, opportunity. And more so for all of us – as Westerners – to access, from within, a very intimate side of the Yagé traditions of the indigenous world of Colombia, where ancestral shamanic practices are jealously guarded and still central and deeply embedded in the community life. For all those used to Ayahuasca ceremonies in Peru, well…this is a completely different cup of tea!! All the Yagé sessions are accompanied by music and light (bonfire and/or candles) and last until dawn of the following day.

We offer this extraordinary opportunity to all El Mundo Magico’s participants reserving their first “Spirit of Yagé” Ayahuasca adventure in Colombia (27 December 2014- 08 January 2015, from Bogotá  to Bogotá).

 Email us to register your interest and/or reserve your spot, or come back soon for more!!

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Maestra Ercilia, from the Shipibo people of Peru Photo courtesy: Stephan Von Hoff

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