The “Ayahuma” Ayahuasca Retreat venue

Ayahuasca cooking over traditional wood-fire. Photo: F. Sammarco

Ayahuasca cooking over traditional wood-fire. Photo: F. Sammarco

Ayahuasca, Toè Dream Journey, Plant Diet Apprenticeship
and Camalonga Dream Rituals in the Ayahuma Camp

In this page you will find all you need to know re. the Ayahuasca retreats in the Ayahuma camp, in a nutshell….To know more specifically on the Ayahuasca ceremonies, visit our Ayahuasca journey page, integral part of our ONGOING Ayahuasca retreats, available ALL YEAR round.

The Ayahuasca RETREAT in a Nutshell

  • Watch how the Ayahuasca brew is prepared (guests doing the long term shamanic plant diet will also learn how to prepare and conduct Ayahuasca ceremonies themselves).
  • Take part to FIVE Ayahuasca ceremonies per week (Ayahuasca rituals in the shamanic plant diet apprenticeship, or in the plant diet tester or pre-dieta, follow a different schedule).
  • Personal consultation with the shaman.
  • Take part to the Toè Dream Journey.
  • Two rituals of spiritual purification per week (minimum 1 week staying).
  • Ritual cleansing herbal and clay baths + flourishing, luck-bringing ritual flowering baths (traditionally used to attract wealth, prosperity, love and friendship into one’s life).
  • Jungle hikes, getting to know plant teachers, medicinal plants and master trees (2 jungle hikes and rituals with Master trees per week, with shaman and guide).
  • Shamanic plant teachers diet (minimum 3 weeks/maximum 13 weeks).
  • Great food, with fresh Amazonian fish excellently cooked every day….(Vegetarian/vegan food available. Guests doing the shamanic Plant Diet will necessarily stay on a strict food regimen, different from the more flexible Ayahuasca retreat diet).
  • Direct, hands-on exposure to traditional Amazonian shamanic culture, practices and entheogenic plant medicine.