Flight Info

COPA Airlines is currently the only international airline serving Iquitos directly, otherwise your journey there has to be routed via Lima (Peru), with a Peruvian domestic carrier.

There are different domestic airlines currently serving Iquitos airport, but we only recommend to fly with LATAM: www.latam.com (operating domestic routes in Peru as LAN PERU) whenever possible, as it’s the most reliable carrier, and – to a lesser degree of reliability – Star Peru www.starperu.com.

Although we may arrange your pick-up at the airport in Iquitos basically at any time of day or night, to avoid loosing retreat time, we recommend you to select a flight arriving in Iquitos in the morning, if you wish to begin your Ayahuasca or shamanic plant diet retreat in the jungle on the same day of your arrival. Also, please note that there is no electricity in the venue and in the jungle it gets swiftly dark already at 6 PM (even though common areas and private bungalows will all have battery-operated table lamps).