Is This For Me?


Gabilan sacha (Bromeliad) growing on top of a Remocaspi Master tree. Photo: F. Sammarco


Ayahuasca Retreats and PLANT DIET TESTERS Pre-Diet

Almost everybody – exception made for people affected by incompatible health conditions – see important notes on compatibility issues with Ayahuasca – is more than welcome to partake to our intensive Ayahuasca retreats and/or to the shamanic pre-diet with plants.

You will be granted a very special treatment, with unmatched personal attention and utmost care, in a supportive, genuine, peaceful, happy and very friendly environment.

Traditional Shamanic Plant Diet / SHAMANIC APPRENTICESHIP

Those who wish to enrol in the traditional shamanic plant diet apprenticeship in the jungle should have already been successfully exposed to the Ayahuasca experience, before applying.

On-site facilitator and interpreter Spanish-English is now provided as a courtesy, during all our shamanic retreats in Peru.