List of the Plant Teachers of the Shamanic Diet

 Plants of the Dieta

Photo Credit: F. Sammarco

The following is a tentative, non-exhaustive, non-comprehensive list of some of the plants that may dieted as part of the shamanic apprenticeship, to be used as *indication only*. The actual plants one may diet with during the shamanic diet may vary, depending on local availability and the specialisation of the Maestro and/or Maestra you will be training with. This also depends – whenever possible – on your own preferences and predilections (if you have already done the traditional plant diet before), and the level of your experience.

”PALOS MAESTROS” (Teacher Trees)
  • Abuelo Renaco (Ficus sp. ?)
  • Alcanfor Moena (Ocotea costulata)
  • Bellaco Caspi (Himantanthus sucuuba, “used in the extraction of the magic dart or virote”; Luna 1986:67)
  • Camalonga (Thevetia peruviana)
  • Chiricsanango (Brunfelsia grandiflora; Luna 1986:68)
  • Chuchuhuasha (Maytenus sp, Duke & Vasquez, 1994; or Heisteria pallida, Luna 1999:13)
  • Chullachaki-caspi (Brysonima christianeae; Luna 1999:13)
  • Lupuna (Ceiba sp.; Luna 1999:142)
  • Huaira Caspi (Cedrelinga catanaeformis; Luna 1986:88)
  • Renaquilla hoja menuda (literally: “Renaquilla with small leaves”; Unidentified)
  • Renaquilla hoja larga (literally: “Renaquilla with large leaves”; Unidentified)
  • Shihuahuaco (Dipteryx sp.; Luna 1999:68)
  • Ucho Sanango (Tabernaemontana sp.; Luna 1986:70)
”PLANTAS MAESTRAS” (Teacher Plants)
  • Ajos Sacha (Mansoa alliacea; Luna 1999:12): used also for ritual baths (baños de florecimiento) to attract good luck in love or business.
  • Cambio de renaco (Unidentified)
  • Coca (Erythroxylum coca)
  • Huacra renaco (Unidentified)
  • Mapacho (Nicotiana sp.)
  • Piñon Blanco (Jatropha curcas)
  • Piñon Negro or Piñon Colorado (Jatropha gossypifolia; “used as defence against evil sorcerers”, Luna 1999:136)
  • Renaquilla (Ficus sp.; Luna 1999:54)
  • Renaquilla con hojas anchas (literally: “Renaquilla with wide leaves”; Unidentified)
  • Renaquilla con hojas lanuda (literally: “Renaquilla with woolly leaves”; Unidentified)
  • Sacha Mango (Grias peruviana; see Peruvian Congress link)
  • San Pedro cactus (Trichocereus pachanoi)
  • Toe’ (Brugmansia suaveolens)
  • Yahuar Piripiri (Eleutherine bulbosa; Luna 1999:54)


”SOGAS” (Vines)
  • Ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis sp.)
  • Motelo Sacha (Unidentified)
  • Tambor Huasca (Unidentified)
  • Uña de Gato de Siete Capas (Uncaria tomentosa, Uncaria guianensis?)


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