El Mundo Magico: The Magical Earth Mission Statement

“Why shamanism, why magic? We need them both.”
Nevill Drury

El Mundo Magico Mission Statement
  • To support, promote and raise awareness of sustainable, earth-honoring shamanic traditions, through journeys, seminars and workshops, aimed at the preservation of the natural habitat of the Amazon Rainforest and its traditional cultural and religious lore, with special regard to indigenous shamanic practices.
  • To be a seed for change in a dramatically globalized world – increasingly dominated and manipulated by occult forces and corporate Illuminati – and promote life changing opportunities that may bring forward a quantum leap in consciousness.
  • To offer international participants the opportunity of first-hand exploration of the rainforest heritage, through transformative journeys and expeditions focused on traditional cultural, shamanic and healing practices.
  • To develop creative projects aimed at the protection, dissemination and conservation of indigenous cultural, religious, shamanic and ethno musical traditions and practices in the Amazon Rainforest.
  • To deepen the understanding of medicinal and healing practices of the indigenous and communities of the Amazon basin, with emphasis on the need of preserving their traditional plant lore, so intimately linked with their pharmacopoeia and cultural-religious traditions. Indigenous rural healers in the Amazon are the depositary of a wide-range knowledge of the rainforest environment and their cultural and physical survival is crucial in the maintenance of an equilibrium within the rainforest fragile ecosystem itself. In lieu of this rooted, ancient, mutual relationship between shamanic healers and the rainforest, we actively seek to promote the immediate protection and conservation of wilderness and natural areas.
  • To sustain indigenous communities of the Amazon through the facilitation of special-interest journeys, investigating their rich shamanic and ethno-cultural lore.
  • To strengthen links of association and cooperation with local organisations devoted to the conservation, protection and dissemination of Traditional Amazonian Medicine and cultural heritage.


Francesco Sammarco before a giant Lupuna blanca (Ceiba sp.) tree in the Amazon Rainforest


  • To acquire rainforest land to protect its magical biodiversity and guarantee its long-term preservation and conservation. The rainforests of South America retain the highest concentration of visionary plants (“Teacher Plants”) on the planet and, at the current rate of habitat destruction (actively promoted by corporate Illuminati), they will be brought to the verge of extinction in just a few decades. Teacher Plants have been used – in a sacred manner – by Amazonian shamans since immemorial times and in our view they may hold the key to a much needed radical shift of consciousness on the planet.
  • To develop alternative strategies for the safeguard of endangered plant and animal species of the Amazon Rainforest.