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Arrival to Pilpintuwasi

Photo Credit: Francesco Sammarco

A unique – small and self-funded – non-profit project in the Northern Peruvian Amazon, funded by Gudrun Sperrer and Roblar Moreno, Pilpintuwasi is a half-day trip from the jungle town of Iquitos.

On top of breeding butterflies, it has been officially designated by the Peruvian government as centre of custody for rescued and endangered jungle animals.

Photo Credit: Francesco Sammarco
Red faced Uacary

Photo Credit: Francesco Sammarco
Here you may see lots of different Amazonian monkeys roaming free – like “Chavo” the red-faced Uacary (an endangered specie endemic to the flooded areas of the Amazon) and “Zecke” and “Florian”, two black Uacary – alongside the stunning jaguar “Pedro Bello”, the tapir “Lolita” who has adopted a beautiful baby, and the Giant Anteater “Rosa”! There are also beautiful six-years old “Cielo ayahuasca” specimens that may be observed in the centre.

Despite the official recognition, the centre does not get help via public funding, and is in serious need of support for the continuation of their activities, especially for the maintenance of the jaguar, ‘Pedro Bello’.


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