Puma Sacha



Beautiful rainforest tree frog in Pumasacha – Photo: F. Sammarco


In line with our commitment in supporting, promoting and actively sustaining eco-cultural biodiversity in the Peruvian Amazon, we sourced few years ago ”Pumasacha”, a private jungle reserve of about 90 acres of  in the Northern Peruvian Amazon (near the – only – road linking Iquitos with Nauta, off the Allpahuayo Mishana National Reserve).

Remocaspi teacher tree in Puma Sacha rainforest Reserve - Photo: F. Sammarco

Remocaspi teacher tree in Pumasacha Rainforest Reserve – Photo: F. Sammarco

We have chosen to give the name “Pumasacha” to this splendid reserve, in honour of the plant teacher (that goes under the same name) dieted by bancos to shape-shift themselves into jaguars.

Home to wild cats (ocelots and jaguarundi have been spotted there), birds, small mammals, reptiles, jungle squirrels, monkeys, rodents and lots of amphibians, this rainforest area has lots of native plants and trees of medicinal and shamanic interest, including – among countless others – the Remocaspi, Chullachaki caspi, Alcanfor Moena, and Copal trees, wild varieties of Uña de Gato (Cat’s Claw) and the now endangered Liana de Agua (water vine).


The beautiful pristine rainforest reserve of Puma Sacha – Photo: F. Sammarco


“Escalera de Mono” jungle vine – Photo: F. Sammarco


Sacred Copal tree (centre) – Photo: F. Sammarco


Mimetic ”Leaf frog” (left) – Photo: F. Sammarco


Poison dart frog (Allobates femoralis?) – Photo: F. Sammarco


Reticulated poison frog (Dendrobates reticulatus) – Photo: F. Sammarco