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In Putumayo.... Photo © El Mundo Magico

In Putumayo…. Photo © El Mundo Magico

Tatyana Zbirovskaya, USA

Thank you for the warm welcome! Each visitor has special attention and care. All health and emotional issues were met. Ruben’s food was an upper scale, looking and tasting good! Carlos and Helio were helpful and there for all of us. Antonio is very knowledgeable and caring. Isabel!! I had a deep connection with the shamanka! She is not only powerful but also a great artist!! You all are going to have a special place in my heart.

Tatyana Zbirovskaya, Film director, USA

Esther Dineiro, USA

Gracias por tan hermoso trabajo. Me he sentido bendecida en lo mas profundo de mi alma, en todos los poros de piel. Me siento nueva, limpia, me siento yo completamente. Gracias por todo el amor que Maria derramo’ constantemente en nosotros. Gracias a todos los muchachos, cocineros por hacer tan confortable nuestra estancia.

Bendiciones y Amor

P/D. Gracias a Hector ♡


Thank you for such a beautiful job. I felt blessed in the depths of my soul, in all the pores of my skin. I feel anew, cleansed, I am myself again. Thanks for all the love that Maria shed constantly on us. Thanks to all the boys and cooks for making our stay so comfortable.

Blessings and Love

P.S. Thanks to Hector

Esther Dineiro, USA

Eugenia Fiore, USA

Thank you sooo much for all the caring and wonderful experiences. I go away feeling loved and supported by all.


Eugenia Fiore, USA

Tiger Colorado, USA

If you’re looking for spiritual awakening, strengthening, for transformation, then this is the place. It’s a very basic natural environment that allows you to disconnect from the outside world and focus on yourself. You receive constant love and attention from the staff who genuinely care about your well-being. During ceremonies you feel safe with these people watching over you allowing you to immerse yourself deeper and deeper into the powers of the natural medicines. Allow yourself to do some internal cleansing and become reborn.

___ Newborn, Tiger Colorado, USA

Lynette Stewart, AUSTRALIA

Everyone here has been absolutely wonderful. The Shamans Maria & Hector are exceptionally kind and loving. All the staff are kind and friendly and my interpreter – Ricardo – looked after me from the moment I arrived. I felt very safe and protected and I am eternally grateful. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Lynette Stewart, AUSTRALIA


I just finished my 2 weeks at the retreat. I had such an amazing time. ALL the staff were so humble and helpful. The food was amazing and I was very well looked after. When I arrived I was lost and feeling broken and thanks to the powerful work done by Hector I was able to slowly grow and heal. I am speechless as for the gratitude I feel for him, as he is such a kind and powerful character. He gently pushed me in the right direction. He really is a powerful master and he changed my life. Thank you Hector.
Next I want to give a big thank you to Rickey, my translator. He showed me a lot of patience and was the first person to help me when I needed it. He was always by my side and looked very carefully after me. He made my stay the best ever. Thank you Rickey.
I would also like to thank everyone else involved. I had a fantastic time and I am forever in your debt.

Quinton, Neil & Margaret, AUSTRALIA


It has been such a beautiful experience to spend time here in the beautiful Amazon, learning from the wonderful people here.

Maestra Zaida is such an amazing spirit and we are truly grateful for having been able to be healed with her wonderful, enchanting icaros and floral baths. The ceremonies have been very special and opened our eyes to the ayahuasca experience. Thank you very much for taking such good care of us. To all the staff here, thank you for your warm welcomes, delicious and nourishing food and for looking after us all during our time here.

Much love and thanks to you all.

Quinton Clark, Margaret Rozali & Neil Clark, AUSTRALIA

Mark Mitchell, USA

Mundo Magico,

I have just finished a one week programme and would like to thank you for everything. Shamanka Anita, the ceremonies were one of the most beautiful things that I have seen. The icaros were amazing. I feel the energy and I feel a stronger connection to the universe. Anita put so much heart and love with the ceremonies, and they were perfect,

Thank you also to all of the staff, Erica, German, Dennis and Ruben. Ruben, the food was delicious. Everyone made my stay happy at every moment. Thank you also Ricardo, jungle guide and translator. Ricardo, your knowledge of the jungle and the local customs is very impressive and I have learnt a lot from you.

Lots of love

Mark Mitchell, Writer, Chicago, USA

Rachele Iannone & Vincenzo Onorato, U.K.

Questa e’ stata un’esperienza unica per noi! Due settimane intense e purificatorie, ci hanno aperto un mondo diverso dove ho scoperto nuovi orizzonti. Mi sento più carica, più positiva ora nel guardare al futuro. Tutto ciò grazie alle curanderas Maria, Anita e Mercy che sono state tutto il tempo con noi e sempre attente alle nostre esigenze, facendoci sentire sempre protetti e coccolati. Un grazie particolare a tutto lo staff che e’ sempre gentile e sorridente e disponibile a tutto quel che si chiede. Grazie infinite per tutto!


That was a unique experience for us! Two intense and purifying weeks which have opened up a different world where I discovered new horizons. I now feel more charged, more positive in looking at the future. All this thanks to the curanderas Maria, Anita and Mercy who have been with us all the time and were always attentive to our needs, making us feel always protected and pampered. A special thanks to all staff, always kind, smiling and always available and helpful. Thank you so much for everything!


Rachele Iannone & Enzo Onorato, UNITED KINGDOM

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