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Exploring a canyon sacred to the Inga indigenous people, in Putumayo, Southern Colombia. Photo © El Mundo Magico 2015.

Ayahuasca (Yagé) Experience, Amazon Plant Spirit Medicine, Shamanic Apprenticeship, San Pedro and Jungle Adventures…

Fruzsina Hara, BELGIUM

My second time here was really fantastic, what a pity that I can’t stay longer now!! I am sure that all the good energies, the teachings and the love I got here will stay with me until I come back to this place. A big thank you to everyone working here, making our staying comfortable, to Maribel, for her kindness and for making the diet bearable…to Rosie to cheer me up all the time, and to all of you!

I am deeply grateful to Don Antonio and Doña Hortensia for their care, kindness and profound work to help me, and especially for all the healing and help concerning my mother who is far away in Europe. I’ve just talked to her on the phone and she sounded very cheerful and healthy, so I’m sure your curing energies have reached her well. Special thanks to Hortensia for looking after me when I was a bit disoriented because of the effects of the San Pedro…

A big hug to all of you.

Fruzsina Hara, BELGIUM

Julia & Rene’ Beining, GERMANY

We are just a short time here to refresh our spirit feelings from our last staying. Now, it’s our 4th time and every time we are glad to be here and proud to get SO MUCH HEALING AND ENERGY FROM THE SHAMANS IN THE CEREMONIES. Many thanks to Don Antonio and his wife. They did a great job too. Everybody here is doing a very good job. You can really feel it. Everybody is giving their best to make you have a good time here.

Julia and Rene Beining, GERMANY

Reinhard Schönl & Petra Schönl, GERMANY

What an incredible place! After 30 years studying the shamans of the indigenous people in the whole world, we found here what we never expected! Antonio is also a very powerful and friendly man, who works with so much love. Hortencia treated us with kindness and love. Love is the most important aspect for everybody. Thanks also to Ninfa, her diet food was so nice. Many thanks to all. Muchas gracias.

With Love

Reinhard (Rain Metsa) & Petra Schönl, GERMANY

Paola Garavaglia, UK

Thank you for the experience! Thank you Tamamuri, Chullachaki, Renaco and Remocaspi and thank you Ayahuasca and Chacruna for your teachings. I will keep in my heart what I have learnt. And thank you Encantos! That you to everybody for your hospitality. Hugs.

Grazie per l’esperienza! Grazie Tamamuri, Chullachaki, Renaco e Remocaspi e grazie Ayahuasca e Chacruna per i vostri insegnamenti. Mi porterò nel cuore quello che ho imparato. E grazie encantos! Grazie a tutti per l’ospitalità. Un abbraccio.

Paola Garavaglia, UK

Americo Venturini, ITALY

A special thank you to the shamans who conducted the ceremonies and who guided with their icaros my spirit in upper worlds, making me discover new truths about life and myself. All this within the framework of a wonderful nature. A heartfelt hug.

Un ringraziamento sincero agli sciamani che hanno condotto le cerimonie e con i loro icaros hanno guidato il mio spirito in mondi superiori, facendomi scoprire nuove verità sulla vita e su me stesso. Il tutto dentro una natura meravigliosa. Un sincero e profondo abbraccio.

Americo Venturini, Rome, ITALY

Luigi De Luca, ITALY

I arrived in this corner of the world with a broken heart, saddened and an ill body. The Maestros did a great job for me. The rebirth took place, miraculously. Today I feel strong, full of [good] feelings, with a healthy body and – more than anything else – spiritually grown up. Thanks a lot, I hope to return as soon as possible in this Magical World :)

Sono venuto in questo angolo del mondo col cuore a pezzi, la mente triste, il corpo malato. I maestri hanno fatto un grande lavoro per me. La rinascita e’ avvenuta, miracolosamente. Oggi mi sento forte, pieno di sentimenti, sano di corpo e soprattutto cresciuto nello spirito. Grazie tante, spero di ritornare al più presto in questo Mondo Magico :) 

Luigi de Luca, ITALY

Manuel Pulcini & Andrea Pulcini, ITALY

We have only been here for 2 weeks and it was a marvellous experience. We would like to thank all the people who work in the centre. It felt like been at home. We would like to give special thanks to the interpreter Alfredo Chavez, who did everything to help us.

Nosotros quedamos solamente 2 semanas y fue’ una experiencia maravillosa. Queremos decir gracias a toda la gente que trabaja en el centro. Fue’ como a casa. Especialmente queremos decir gracias al traductor Alfredo Chavez, que has hecho todo para ayudar nos.

Manuel Pulcini & Andrea Pulcini, ITALY

Elke Van Campenhout, BELGIUM

After 3 weeks I go home a changed person. I came to discover my spiritual life, to heal myself from various limitations, to see, feel, experience the world around me. In here I entered the spiritual world and discovered what it is to live, to be connected to the whole that is Mother Earth. I became close to the master trees and found incredible guides to accompany me on my journey. I want to thank everybody for their support and generosity. They healed me and I will be forever grateful.

Elke Van Campenhout, BELGIUM

Fruzsina Hara, BELGIUM

I am deeply impressed by this place and very, very grateful for the ‘magic’ that happened to me – my life has changed within just a week. Thank you very, very much Mother Ayahuasca and all the great Palos Maestros! Looking forward to coming back and working/healing/learning again.

With all my love.


A. Vetstein, RUSSIA

It has been a great experience with a shaman that is real and knowledgeable. I really feel liberated from the bad and negative [energy]. I would like to thank all of the people involved in my stay at the centre.

Kind Regards

Alexander Vetstein, Moscow, RUSSIA

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