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Ritual of spiritual purification
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Amazon Plant Spirit Medicine, Ayahuasca Experience, Shamanic Apprenticeship, San Pedro and Jungle Adventures…

Manuel Pulcini & Andrea Pulcini, ITALY

We have only been here for 2 weeks and it was a marvellous experience. We would like to thank all the people who work in the centre. It felt like been at home. We would like to give special thanks to the interpreter Alfredo Chavez, who did everything to help us.

Nosotros quedamos solamente 2 semanas y fue’ una experiencia maravillosa. Queremos decir gracias a toda la gente que trabaja en el centro. Fue’ como a casa. Especialmente queremos decir gracias al traductor Alfredo Chavez, que has hecho todo para ayudar nos.

Manuel Pulcini & Andrea Pulcini, ITALY

Elke Van Campenhout, BELGIUM

After 3 weeks I go home a changed person. I came to discover my spiritual life, to heal myself from various limitations, to see, feel, experience the world around me. In here I entered the spiritual world and discovered what it is to live, to be connected to the whole that is Mother Earth. I became close to the master trees and found incredible guides to accompany me on my journey. I want to thank everybody for their support and generosity. They healed me and I will be forever grateful.

Elke Van Campenhout, BELGIUM

Fruzsina Hara, BELGIUM

I am deeply impressed by this place and very, very grateful for the ‘magic’ that happened to me – my life has changed within just a week. Thank you very, very much Mother Ayahuasca and all the great Palos Maestros! Looking forward to coming back and working/healing/learning again.

With all my love.


A. Vetstein, RUSSIA

It has been a great experience with a shaman that is real and knowledgeable. I really feel liberated from the bad and negative [energy]. I would like to thank all of the people involved in my stay at the centre.

Kind Regards

Alexander Vetstein, Moscow, RUSSIA

Susan Brown, USA

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I have been here for 3 months and it has been the most amazing experience. I have had the best time in my life. I have learned a lot for just 3 months. If you are looking for a authentic shaman you are in the right place. One who works from his heart and never gives up to help his client. I have seen amazing healings here with so many people.

Besides learning shamanic healing I have seen how great Ayahuasca is. It is a powerful medicine. One thing I will do is go back to the U.S. and pass along information on Mother Aya. It is not for visions, she is for healing. In the 3 months I have seen people come in one way and leave a happier, clearer, more open person. Mother Aya has opened so many people’s heart and minds & soul. Just seeing people leaving feeling fantastic has been one of the best parts of my experiences here.   The people who work here are caring and wonderful people. They really care about you. I thank Charlie for feeding me every day and helping with so many things.

Here you never feel alone. There is always somebody to help you. Everybody is helpful and very friendly. I felt very safe here since the first day I arrived. I will be back. Thank you from my heart. I will never forget you.

Susan Brown, USA

Maha, USA

I have spent 2 weeks here, and I’m glad I came!

Heberto and Ercilia are wonderful loving sincere shamans, who have poured their heart into healing me.

I feel it already, I will always remember them, and be grateful to them.

Thank you Heberto, Thank you Ercilia.


Maha, USA

Noga Meir, PERU

My two months shamanic training and dieta were most fruitful. All plants selected for the diet were selected together with Heberto – but at all times were my own choice.

I dieted first on the Níwe Ráo – the “Wind tree” – which helped me to dream, came in my ceremonies in my visions and gave me messages. During the two months stay I also made my own baths with that tree sometimes accompanied by other plants.
Later in the first month I dieted on Tobacco [Nicotiana tabacum] and stones. The Tobacco was a very powerful experience as I have never smoked, but always had deep respect for that medicine.
Drinking the essence of the Tobacco three times made me very strong on all levels – also opened my vision and helped me to connect with all the different plants and trees. I finally felt I was united with the Spirit of the Tobacco. During my stay I also learnt how to use the Tobacco for ceremonies, for cleansing and purification, and it became an integral part of my days in the jungle.
On the second month I dieted on the Toé [Brugmansia suaveolens]. I drank the Toé, dreamt and have had many experiences with it. I also smoked the Toé cigarette, every second night which brought so many dreams to my consciousness, it also brought a lot of cleansing from the unconscious mind.
I was very blessed to see how the Toé healed two people who shared the same problems – in the jungle language is called brujeria – in the Western World – probably very traumatic experiences, at least for one of those two which has affected all their lives. After the Toé they were released and a total transformation was taking place which I witnessed with awe. All was done with a lot of dedication and very very methodically.
I also wish to say that all the staff – the boys – Isaac and Alex, who take care of our casitas [bungalows] and of the water, the kitchen people, Lucy, Anna and Ninfa were always so loving and caring for all our needs – always with a smile and good heart.
If anybody is interested in a comprehensive diet experience, if their hearts and mind and soul are open, then this is the place to do it. I have dieted in the last three years in other centres in the Amazon but never had such a comprehensive diet.

With love and gratitude

Noga Meir (Nogita), PERU

Tom Jones, FRANCE

I just spent 3 weeks here, and it’s been an incredible journey, from beginning to end. I received more that I could ever hope for. A healing and shamanic teaching center. As a patient of the center, I received Ayahuasca but also many other plants that were necessary for my treatment. There were also spiritual healing ceremonies and many baths, and the diet of course. This was my first time in South America, let alone in Peru, and it has been a blessing to come to such a strong and healing community. The shamans give 110% to their patients. The shamanic students are also actively involved in assisting the shamans, and this creates a haven of knowledge and information. I am also eternally grateful to [the interpreters] for helping me communicate my feelings to the shamans when I needed to. I am now a new person, and I plan on coming back soon with my sister. This is an exceptional place.

Tom Jones, FRANCE

Olof Andersson, SWEDEN

My stay here has been very interesting and for anyone who is interested in experiencing an Ayahuasca treatment I recommend a stay. I had a limited knowledge in the in the work of shamans and their respect for the spiritual world prior to my coming here which, to say the least, has changed.

Olof Andersson, SWEDEN

Susan Brown, USA


I have been here for a 1 month now and I am enjoying my dieta. In regards to drinking tobacco before I came here, I didn’t smoke cigarettes. Mapacho was foreign to me.
In this month I did the tobacco diet for 3 days. Given a small amount for those 3 days. By the third day it was an eye opening experience. The first one since I came here. I am very happy with the information I received. I chose the tobacco and stone ‘dieta’ because I wish to to learn how to read smoke and the get the energy from the stones.

Everybody here at the centre is very kind, sweet and caring. If you need something they are there to help you.

Clever is my interpreter. He does an amazing job from explaining in detail about the plants and the medicine. He also is concerned how are you doing. He is an asset to this center. He makes you feel comfortable and safe.

When you come to a center open minded you get so much more. Even if you are not if you let them help you then you can proceed on your dieta or treatment, knowing that the Shaman knows better than you do. They are all here to help you on your treatment or on your dieta.

Being open and honest you can learn a lot. I believe in being honest and open minded and open hearted. I also feel that if you are on a treatment plan or a dieta, if you don’t follow the plan, or break your dieta a couple of times, or are not following the suggestion made for you, there is no way this center can help you. I believe I am getting what I need when I get it.
With regard to the tobacco diet I would probably do it again given the chance but there are so many other wonderful things to do and learn [from].

Thank you.

Susan Brown, USA

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