What Is Included?


• Hotel pick-up (in Iquitos) and transfer to the Ayahuma Shamanic centre, OR Airport pick-up (in Iquitos) and transfer to our centre in the jungle.

• Transfer Ayahuma Shamanic Centre-Hotel (in Iquitos), OR Ayahuma Centre-Iquitos airport.

• See and learn how the Ayahuasca brew is prepared.

• Personal consultation with Don Alfredo and Maestra Claudia.

FIVE Ayahuasca ceremonies per week (for guests doing the Ayahuasca retreat). All rituals are on a voluntary basis of participation.

Three Ayahuasca ceremonies per week (for guests doing the pre-diet, diet with Palos Maestros and shamanic apprenticeship retreat). All rituals are on a voluntary basis of participation.

One Toé (Brugmansia sp.) ritual (Toé Dream Journey) per week, on a voluntary basis of participation.

Please note that guests doing the shamanic plant diet may have a different set-up as for their participation to the Toé rituals, according to the plants of the diet itself and to the instructions of the shaman (all the more when Toé is effective part of the diet). You should also note that it’s up to the shaman – a highly experienced Toesero (i.e. a Maestro specialized in working with the Toé plant) – according to his evaluation of your physical, mental and spiritual conditions, whether or not you may also take the Toé in form of freshly squeezed juice (which is much stronger). Taking the Toé juice usually requires a dietary regimen much stricter than that of the normal Ayahuasca diet. It’s *always up to the Maestro to decide* – on the spot, according to the energy of the day and the personal conditions of the participants – whether to offer the Toé plant in smokable or drinkable form, or both. Candidates enrolling on the 3 months shamanic plant diet apprenticeship may also learn to drink the freshly squeezed juice of the plant, which is the strongest possible way to take it (which in turn requires a long and very strict diet).

Courtesy interpreter Spanish-English and onsite facilitator.

• Cleansing ritual herbal baths (“baños de limpieza”).

• Ritual clay bath (“baño de barro”), prepared by the Shipibo shamans.

• Ritual flower baths (“baños de florecimiento”), towards the end of your treatment.

Two Meraya rituals of spiritual purification per week, at 4 PM (minimum staying: 1 week). The rituals involve smudging with Palo Santo smoke and other herbs, and last approximately one and half hour.

• Full board (Vegetarian & vegan meals available, under request). No dinner on the nights of the Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Toé ritual-s.

• Courtesy laundry service.

Two shamanic rituals with Palos Maestros (Master trees) per week, at 7 AM, on Day 1 and Day 5 of each week. These rituals take place whilst hiking in the wilderness of the Amazon jungle with shamans and guide (with Master trees like Chullachaki Caspi, Remocaspi, Renaco, Renaquilla, Lupuna blanca and more…).

• Shipibo painting and embroidery classes, taught by Maestra Claudia.



To the ends of the retreat, a week is calculated as being made of 7 days and 6 nights and for longer staying please have in mind the following ”timetable”:

1 Week = 7 Days / 7 Afternoons/ 6 Nights
2 Weeks = 14 Days / 14 Afternoons/  13 Nights

And so on….

The retreat will terminate in the afternoon of your last day (regardless of length of staying). Times are flexible and depend on your travel plan/flights, and – as indication only – please consider 4:30 PM as the latest time for the transfer back to either Iquitos town centre, or Iquitos airport. In the jungle it gets dark already at 6 pm, and we do not recommend to travel at night.