What to bring

You don’t need to bring your sleeping bag! But here you have a list of things you should bring:

• Two flashlights (with refills of alkaline batteries; you may also buy refills from any drugstore and from Belén market, in Iquitos). A powerful one and a small/emergency one also to use during the ceremonies. The night falls suddenly in the rainforest, it’s deep and dark and it lasts a good 12 hours.

• Long-burning candles (it’s an optional, depending on how accustomed you are to live without electricity – bear in mind, though, that they attract scores of insects at night, so citronella imbued candles may just be a bit more useful. In Iquitos it’s hard to find good quality, long-burning candles).

• Sun-glasses.

• Sun-block (high potency) and after-sun lotion.

• Eco-friendly soap and shampoo.

• Toothpaste and personal hygiene items.

• Medical & dental emergency kit.

• T-shirts; long sleeved shirts; light, strong and quick-dry trousers (high-tech fibres, mix of cotton and synthetic materials, will do better than 100% cotton); shorts; socks.

• Tight swimming suit, bath towel and flip-flops.

• Wellingtons (for muddy areas, or excursions, or wet weather), sandals (for the good weather) and shoes (preferably not leather, as this material is easily decomposed with the wet climate).

• Jumper/Sweater and a warm blanket (it is important to keep the body warm when drinking the ayahuasca, as body temperature may fell considerably after the intake of the medicine, regardless of external temperature).

• Rain-poncho or a waterproof coat (especially if going during the wet season; generally, rainwear is also useful during the dry season!).

• Zip-lock plastic bags (to protect cameras, films, batteries, travel documents, etc. from humidity).