Ayahuasca and San Pedro retreat with El Mundo Magico in Peru

San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi) ceremony with Shipibo Maestro Ronel, in our Ayahuasca retreat centre, in the Peruvian Amazon

(Ayahuasca retreat & San Pedro, PERU)
Wow! What an incredible experience, with such amazing people. I came to El Mundo Magico for an 9 day/8 night retreat, to learn and connect with Mother Ayahuasca and San Pedro. I didn’t know what to expect, and had not even thought about whether I would be here with a group or alone. When I arrived I realized I would be here on my own, which was a total blessings as it allowed me to do a lot of deep work on myself and of course I was never truly alone – with Clever, Eloyda, Robert, Ronel, Mariluz and Oliver always close by. They are truly caring and wonderful people, who welcome you to feel so at home you feel like family! I cannot imagine kinder, more caring people to guide me through my first journeys into this world, and the learnings and teachings about Spirit, Self and true healing are beyond words. I leave here lighter – the only sad note is that it is time to leave!! I am so very deeply grateful to Clever, Ronel, Mariluz, Eloyda, Robert, Oliver, as well as Francesco, for organizing such a beautiful experience. I feel so at peace and full of gratitude. Until next time!
With thanks + love Emoji
Ali Vermilio, U.K.