(Ayahuasca and San Pedro retreat, PERU)

This was my 6th visit to Peru (all for Aya retreats in different places such as Cusco, Pucallpa, Iquitos) since Jan 2019. I went to different retreat centres before, but now after discovering this one (El Mundo Magico) – I am very confident that I will come back here since this is the best Retreat Center I have seen so far.

Furthermore, I finally get sufficient understanding about what the shamanic diet means & how the role of the (right) shaman is as critically important as the medicine you are working with. I’ve spent here 2.5 weeks and had the pleasure to work with Don Guido and Don Armando during my retreat here (Ayahuasca, Camalonga, Toe’ smoking and San Pedro). However the “Shaman” N. 1 here is Don Clever (the one who takes care of you from the first minute you come here until your departure). The level of attention (incl. all translations), shamanic treatment, care, the depth of the information you are getting here is outstanding. I’m mega thankful to all the people here and can only recommend this place/retreat centre to others. This is the place where things are done right and in a very professional way.

All my ceremonies were amazing (i.e. informative, energetic, lots of new learning & understanding who I am…). By now I arrived to the point where I look at Aya retreats not as a kind of retreat/escape from the busy western world to re-charge my “batteries”/energy level…but rather as a clear path for my spiritual growth in this dimension/this life. With this, I know that my next step/next visit here will be a focused shamanic diet (the length still to be decided), but this is what I see now as the right next step necessary for my evolution.

The place here (not just the Maloka where the ceremonies are conducted, but the entire centre/campus) is a powerful cosmic portal which allows to get experiences which go far beyond the 3-Dimensional world we are living in.

Again, lots of thanks to everybody working/living here…and I’m looking forward to be welcomed by this place & Master Spirits here in the future again.


Filip, Frankfurt am Main, GERMANY

Timothy Graves, UNITED KINGDOM

(Ayahuasca retreat, PERU)

El Mundo Magico Ayahuasca retreat in the Peruvian Amazon, near Iquitos

El Mundo Magico Ayahuasca retreat, Peruvian Amazon

I was somewhat apprehensive about travelling to Peru during the pandemic. However, I am glad that I did; it was definitely the right decision. I had taken ayahuasca before at various places in Europe but experiencing la medicina in a proper shamanic context was an honour and a blessing I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Shaman, Don Guido is a Master Shaman with more than forty years’ experience. His knowledge, skill and experience is evident during every ceremony. As is his ability to heal. The insights, knowledge and healing that I experienced during this two-week retreat are deep, profound and life-changing. Clever, my guide, was also at hand to translate and assist and accompany me to a few necessary trips into Iquitos town. He is warm, funny and caring. No wonder he is known as a guardian angel. I am profoundly grateful for my opportunity to participate in the two-week ayahuasca retreat at El Mundo Magico. And in case you were wondering. Yes, it is truly magical. In so many ways.

Timothy Graves, U.K.

Travel To Peru & Colombia. Entry Requirements, Advice And Official Resources

Lima airport J. Chavez

Jorge Chavez international airport in LIMA, PERU


OUR MAGICAL RETREATS IN PERU HAVE NOW RESUMED AND WE ARE TAKING RESERVATIONS (for Ayahuasca, shamanic plant dieta/apprenticeship and San Pedro retreats) 


May 23, 2021


Most commercial flights from Europe to Peru have resumed, including those over 8 hours in length, as well as flights with neighboring Latin American countries, Canada and the USA. Iberia is flying from Madrid to Lima on a daily basis and so is Air France from most European capitals. All flights originating from – and/or with a stopover in – India, Brazil and South Africa are currently banned until May 30, 2021 (non-resident foreigners who had a stopover, have transited through, or traveled from one of those countries before arriving in Peru, won’t be allowed entry in the country). As from May 08, 2021 non-resident foreigners arriving from the UK will be permitted entry in Peru.

Passengers already in the country (not arriving from abroad) who will be traveling by air between Lima and Iquitos will NOT anymore be required to produce evidence of Covid-19 diagnostic molecular test (PCR test which detects tiny bits of SARS-CoV-2 genetic code), or antigen test (detecting proteins produced by the virus), with negative results. Equally, as announced by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (as reported by the Peruvian official news agency, on March 11, 2021, and published on the official bulletin El Peruano on the same day) the 14 DAY QUARANTINE RULE MAY BE SKIPPED FOR ALL NON-RESIDENTS INTERNATIONAL TRAVELLERS ARRIVING IN PERU FROM ABROAD WHO PRESENT A NEGATIVE PCR (MOLECULAR) TEST AND TAKE A RAPID ANTIGEN TEST (PROVING NEGATIVE RESULTS) UPON THEIR ARRIVAL IN LIMA AIRPORT. Passengers will bear the cost of the antigen test (approx S/. 160-180 Nuevos Soles, local currency). Should you choose NOT to take the antigen test, if Lima is not your final destination (for the retreat with us you do need to fly to IQUITOS), you may travel to another city within 24 hours of your international arrival, and do the quarantine there, in a government approved structure/Hotel.

Learn more on the quarantine rule and choose to do it in our retreat centre or in an Hotel in Iquitos...

Until the government announcement of March 11, 2021, every non-resident traveller was required to do a mandatory quarantine for 14 days in their residence/domicile, temporary isolation centre, or Hotel/B&B upon entering in Peru (final destination had to be reached within 24 hours from entry in the country). Had the sixth day of quarantine come, however, if one could show a new molecular test (PCR) confirming that they were not positive to Covid-19, they may have continued with their travel. Please note that should you show Covid-19 symptoms, or else, test positive to Covid-19, you will nevertheless required to self-isolate for 14 days in the Pan American Village, or similar government-approved structures, directly upon your arrival in Lima. Should the quarantine rule be re-introduced, however, or should you not be willing to do an antigene test upon arrival in Lima airport, you may quarantine at our retreat centre near Iquitos – if you so wish – paying 50% of your weekly rate Ayahuasca retreat fees (towards airport pick-up, transportation, private accommodation and food) as long as you provide a negative PCR (molecular) or antigen test taken no longer than 24 hours before your arrival in Peru. You will not be able to attend any shamanic ceremony or ritual during your self-isolation period at our venue, so please make sure to either do the required antigen test in Lima airport, or else, plan your travels when there won’t be any confirmed quarantine rule, or else more, be prepared to quarantine for at least 7 days upon your arrival in Peru. You may also quarantine in your final destination, for instance, in your Hotel/B&B, or other suitable hospitality structure in Iquitos, and we will be happy to recommend you a few nice places where to stay).


Iquitos airport

IQUITOS airport (PERU)

The Peruvian government established a social immobilization schedule for the very high tier regions (the country has been divided into a four-tier system of moderate, high, very high, and extreme) which currently include the provinces of Lima – including metropolitan Lima – and the department of Loreto (including Iquitos, part of the province of Maynas) which starts at 9:00 pm and continues until 4:00 am of the following day. There is also a mandatory strict social immobilization on Sundays (no private vehicles may circulate). However, taxis are exempt from this rule and have a special licence to carry passengers, so you may now FLY TO/FROM PERU ON SUNDAYS and start your retreat also then, even though we recommend to avoid non-essential travel on this day. Taxis will be able to provide transfers between Iquitos airport and your Hotel/B&B, or else, directly between Iquitos airport and our retreat venue in the jungle, and we will coordinate things for you. Please carry on your person your flight tickets (including eTickets on your mobile), to show to the authorities, if and when required. The state of health emergency across the whole of Peru has now been extended to September 02, 2021

Peru has now re-opened commercial flights with most worldwide destinationsexcluding INDIA, SOUTH AFRICA and BRAZIL – as follows:

  • UNITED STATES (Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, Miami, Houston and Atlanta)
  • CANADA (Toronto)
  • CHILE (Santiago del Chile)
  • ARGENTINA (Buenos Aires, Rosario, Mendoza, Córdoba and Tucumán
  • ECUADOR (Guayaquil and Quito)
  • BOLIVIA (La Paz and Santa Cruz)
  • COLOMBIA (Bogotá, Cali, Cartagena and Medellín)
  • COSTA RICA (San José)
  • CUBA (Havana)
  • EL SALVADOR (San Salvador)
  • JAMAICA (Montego Bay)
  • MEXICO (Mexico city and Cancun)
  • PANAMA (Panama City)
  • PARAGUAY (Asunción)
  • URUGUAY (Montevideo)


Flying from Lima to Iquitos with Latam

Flying from LIMA to IQUITOS, with Latam airlines

As the situation is constantly changing and new rules may enter into force with little to no notice, we strongly recommend you to double check with your airline/tour operator/travel agency, with iPERU (national tourist information agency), or on the website of your country’s embassy in Peru, for any Covid-19 related entry restrictions. In addition, entry to PERU by air is subject to the following mandatory HEALTH PROTOCOLS:___


  • Show proof of a negative result from a COVID-19 PCR molecular test (swab test) taken no more than 72 hours before your flight’s departure for Peru, counting from the time the test was performed. In addition, Peruvian nationals and foreigners arriving from countries where the new variant of COVID-19 has been identified will also be asked to undertake an antigen test on the same day of their arrival.
  • Should you show symptoms of Covid-19 upon your arrival in Peru, you will be asked to self-isolate for 14 days at the Pan American Village._
  • Downloadno later than 48 hours before arriving in Peru the Google app called Pre Registro (Pre Registro Migraciones) to pre-register your details online. The app is available for both Android (it works with Android 5.0 and up) and iOS devices. The application for pre-registration is in Spanish but you may click on the “Translate” tab to have the description automatically translated into English by Google Translate. You will find the full instructions (in Spanish) on how to use this app published on the official website of the Peruvian Immigration Office (Migraciones). There are 7 steps to follow: 1) Download the app on your device (Android, or iOS); 2) Open the app and insert the security code requested; 3) Scan your passport, using the camera of your mobile device; 4) Verify and validate the correctness of your personal data as it appears on the screen of your device; 5) Scan your Boarding Pass using the camera of your mobile device; 6) Complete the information required about your health; 7) Take a selfie. After this the app will generate a QR code. Present this QR code (on your mobile device) as you pass through the desk of the Immigration authorities once arrived in Lima (Peru), and the immigration checks will be rapid and easy.
  • Fill-in and forward the online Health Affidavit / Traveller’s Sworn Health Declaration form (“Declaracion Jurada de Salud del Viajero“) before boarding your flight. On the website  you may find a section concerning the Health Affidavit form (which needs to be completed before traveling to Peru) and they may assist in expediting your application for a fee.
  • Wear a face mask and a face shield onboard the plane and during your flight (as well as at the airport).

You should note that the Peruvian government has made clear that airlines failing to implement negative Covid-19 molecular test requirements at the starting point/origin of the international flight for passengers directed to Peru will be subject to sanctions and the traveller compelled to do the Covid-19 test upon arrival, or else, one needs to isolate for 14 days. There are now Covid-19 testing facilities inside Lima airport.

Learn more...

The iPERU national tourist information agency provides assistance to the traveller and they may be reached on +51 1 574 8000 (option 2 for English). If you are a UK national, you may want to check the UK Foreign Travel Advice website, for a full list of current entry requirements for Peru. You should also check with your Embassy, government website, or airline whether you will need to provide your journey and contact details (via an online passenger locator form) and/or have to self-isolate upon your return from Peru. If you are returning to the UK, you may find this information here. You may also check health protocols with Infosalud (WhatsApp messaging: +51 952 842 623, 24 hrs, Spanish only), the Peruvian national health information agency. 

INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS TO PERU: Please double check with your airline, tour operator, or with iPERU (tourist information and assistance service in Peru) your flight itinerary before purchasing your flight tickets, as the situation is constantly changing and remains fluid. The list of countries included in the resuming of international flights with Peru is reviewed every 15 days by the Peruvian government. 

INSURANCE: Travel and medical insurance is mandatory for any of our retreats. If your official country of residence is either in the U.K. or the E.U. you may want to get a travel insurance like Globelink International which will offer you cover if you were to test positive for Covid-19 during your trip. Ideally, your insurance should also offer Covid-19 cover for travel where your government advises against all but essential travel, and – if you are based in the USA – also cover for trip cancellations for any reason, as provided by Squaremouth Travel Insurance.

PERU: STATE OF EMERGENCY & HEALTH AFFIDAVIT (TRAVELLER’S AIR TRAVEL SWORN HEALTH DECLARATION). The state of emergency in Peru has been extended to September 02, 2021. There is a night curfew in place in extreme tier regions (like Lima) between 9:00 pm and 4:00 am of the following morning (local time in Peru), and all day on Sunday. The Loreto region is now in high tier and mandatory social immobilization measures are in place between 10:00 pm to 4:00 am. THE SOCIAL IMMOBILIZATION DOES NOT AFFECT THE FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT OF PARTICIPANTS WITHIN OUR RETREAT VENUE, as long as guests will remain within the boundaries of our centre & the 70 hectares of privately-owned rainforest land surrounding it, and won’t be traveling anywhere. Please choose the time of your arrival and return flights to/from Iquitos and to/from Lima away from curfew hours, and allow extra time for passport controls, security checks, rapid tests (when and where applicable), and transfers to either your Hotel, or our retreat venue in the jungle.

All air travel passengers are required to complete a mandatory Health Affidavit and Geolocalization form (Sworn Health Declaration Form) before boarding the plane stating that they are not presenting any Covid-19 symptoms and that they have not been in contact with any person affected by Covid-19 either. The form also asks whether one was tested for Covid-19, or not, and whether one will be financially independent for food and accommodation in Hotel, should there be the need to quarantine. Learn here how to complete the Health Affidavit (Sworn Health Declaration) (Declaraccion Jurada de Salud del Viajero). In order to enter Peru, you must have tested negative to Covid-19, 72 hours prior to your arrival in the country, and provide evidence of this to the Immigration authorities. If you are Spanish-speaker, there is a dedicated WhatsApp number of the Peruvian Immigration Office (Migraciones) +51-980 122 820 which may be called for assistance on how to fill-in the form.

DOMESTIC AIR TRAVEL (PERU): Face coverings: Wearing face-mask in addition to face shields is mandatory aboard the aircraft in Peru (the use of face shields – alongside face masks – is also compulsory in all Lima metro stations). Health Screening: All passengers will have their temperature taken before entering the airport. Individuals with temperature over 38ºC will not be allowed to enter the terminal and will be denied boarding. Airport access: Only ticketed passengers will now be allowed inside the airport in Peru. Special needs passengers, or passengers requiring special assistance, may have one person to accompany and assist them with check-in operations. Check-in: 3 hours before departure, if flying from Jorge Chávez international airport, in Lima; 2 hours for all other regional airports. Please note that in Lima airport no one will be currently allowed inside the terminal before 4 hours of their international flight scheduled departure, or before 2 hours of their national flight departure, even if presenting their flight tickets. Social distance: observe 1 metre social distance at the airport, and 1 and half metres at the retreat.


For most up to date info on entry/exit restrictions in Peru please visit the links below:

iPeru – Tourist information portal for travel to Peru (English)

Andina – Official Peruvian News Agency (English):

Foreign Travel Advice website of the UK government for Peru (English):

US Embassy in PERU (English):

Peruvian government (Spanish):



Travel to and within COLOMBIA: Flights have now resumed to 8 of Colombia’s main international airports – Bogota, Cartagena, Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla, Armenia, Pereira, and Bucaramanga – and at least to 30 of its domestic airports. Villagarzon airport (in Putumayo) – the closest airport to the location where we host our Yagé retreatis now open and there are currently commercial flights operating the route with Bogota three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). At the present time, it is not possible to visit any indigenous community as part of our retreats either. There is NO curfew in Colombia now and US citizens are NOT required to quarantine upon entering the country. 

Entry requirements: As from October 01, 2020 entry to COLOMBIA by air is subject to presentation of a negative COVID-19 test (PCR and/or serology) taken no later than 96 hours before departing for Colombia (counting from the time the test was performed). You must pay for your own test. Travellers who do not comply with the testing requirement, may be denied boarding by the airline and refused entry in Colombia by immigration officers. In order to travel to Colombia travellers must download the Coronapp application (available for both Android and iOS devices), then request a mobility QR code to access the airports and fill out the reports every 3 days after your flight, for 14 days. Immigration rules can change very quickly, and you should double check terms and conditions of entry in Colombia directly with the website of the Colombian Immigration authority, or with the Colombian Embassy in your country. Flights between Colombia and the U.K. are currently suspended and anyone arriving in Colombia who has been in the UK in the last 14 days will be required to also isolate for 14 days. For more complete and updated entry rules & restrictions in Colombia, please visit directly the normative published by Colombian Foreign Office at this link here.

Learn more...

Beginning from September 01, 2020 Colombia transitions to a selective isolation phase, whilst the central government has extended the national sanitation emergency to June 01, 2021. You need to thoroughly check local, regional, and national regulations – which may differ a great deal from each other – to ensure you are compliant.

For Bogota, visit the local government website here. For the department of Putumayo, visit the regional government website here. Please refer to the US government resources page at the link here, to better understand the ever changing Covid-19 situation in the country. The situation in the Putumayo department, where we host our retreats, is gradually returning to normal, even though cost of transportation has increased twofold (it’s now mandatory to have a vacant seat next to a booked seat on taxis and buses, and one needs to buy two tickets, as result) and the cost of food has also increased exponentially.

Travel within Colombia: Decree 1168 removes prohibitions on free movement within the country, including tourist travel. There may still be local/municipal, regional/departmental restrictions in place alongside health requirements in some areas of Colombia, and whilst some departments are relaxing Covid-19 rules, as the situation improves, other regions are coming back to full quarantine or heightened alert/concern as the local situation requires. If you are already in Colombia, you should abide to the regulations of the place where you dwell.

TRAVEL ADVICE TO COLOMBIA, OFFICIAL LINKS: For most up-to date info on eventual travel restrictions in Colombia please visit the links below.

Colombian government (Spanish):

US Embassy in COLOMBIA (English):

Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), USA (English):

UK Embassy in COLOMBIA (English):

Travel advice to Peru and Colombia – Official resources and travel guide


Peruvian government (Spanish)

Andina – Official Peruvian News Agency (English)

Localized quarantine in Peru (English)

Foreign Travel Advice website of the UK government for Peru (English):

US Embassy in PERU (English):



Colombian government (Spanish)

US Embassy in COLOMBIA (English):


Responsible tourism during Covid-19 (English)

Localized quarantine in Peru

At the present time, neither Lima (where you will first land in Peru, with your international flight) nor Iquitos (final destination for your retreat) appear in the following list:

  • Amazonas (provinces of Bagua, Condorcanqui, and Utcubamba)
  • Áncash (provinces of Casma, Huaraz, and Santa)
  • Apurímac (provinces of Abancay and Andahuaylas)
  • Arequipa (entire region)
  • Cajamarca (provinces of Cajamarca, Jaén, and San Ignacio)
  • Cusco (provinces of Cusco and La Convención)
  • Huancavelica (province of Huancavelica)
  • Huánuco (entire region)
  • Ica (entire region)
  • Junín (entire region)
  • Madre de Dios (province of Tambopata)
  • Moquegua (provinces of Ilo and Mariscal Nieto)
  • Puno (provinces of Puno and San Román)
  • San Martín (entire region)
  • Tacna (province of Tacna)

For an updated list of provinces and regions subject to mandatory localized quarantine (including an all-day Sunday curfew) and mandatory social isolation please read the official Peruvian national news agency article here.

Elsewhere in Peru, personal movement is not restricted during non-curfew hours (4:01 AM to 9:59 PM, Monday through Sunday). The mandatory nightly curfew will continue, however, nationwide from 10:00 PM to 4:00 AM. One may only be allowed to leave their residence during curfew hours for a medical emergency. Therefore, we will not be in position to yet resume our retreats, until the night curfew will remain in place.

How to complete the Peruvian Sworn Health Declaration form

The Traveller’s Sworn Health Declaration form (Declaraccion Jurada de Salud del Viajero) is an online form which needs to be initially accessed via the following URL of the Peruvian Immigration Office: (this initial registration page is in Spanish only, but is very basic and short):


Declaración Jurada de Salud

Screenshot of the initial registration page to access the proper Traveller’s Sworn Health Declaration Form

The form starts with a scroll down menu where you have to select your “Nacionalidad” (Nationality): be patient as all nations names are in Spanish (for instance, “Belgica” stands for Belgian, “Dinamarca” for Denmark, “EE.UU.” stands for United States, and “Gran Bretaña” stands for Great Britain); this is followed on the second line by another scroll down menu where you have to indicate the type of ID you will be inputting: the default position is set to “DNI” (which you should ignore, unless you are a Peruvian national): select “Pass” instead, which stands for Passport. Then on the line below there is a prompt to enter your “N° Documento“: enter your Passport number there. On the following line below, you will be asked to insert your “Fecha de Nacimiento“: select your date of birth using the arrows to navigate the menu of years, months and days. Again, all the names of the months here are in Spanish but except for “ENE” (January), “ABR” (April), “AGO” (August) and “DIC” (December), all the other months have their name abbreviated as in English.

Screenshot of the registration page to access the Traveller's Sworn Health Declaration Form using as model a US nationality and passport

Screenshot of the registration page to access the Traveller’s Sworn Health Declaration Form using as model a US nationality and passport


Once you fill-in the required information, you will be automatically redirected to the proper sworn health declaration form: (in Spanish and English), which must be duly completed. All passengers – including minors and over 65′ – are required to complete and sign the form and declare that they have no symptoms of Covid-19 infection and that have not been in contact with anybody having Covid-19 either. At the end of the form is mentioned that one also agrees to do a mandatory quarantine upon arriving at destination. In our understanding, however, the quarantine rule may only be applicable in the following cases:

  • When an individual has tested positive to Covid-19 (into which case one will be taken to a hospital facility);
  • When one shows symptoms compatible with a suspect Covid-19 infection (in this case the mandatory self-isolation will usually take place in a government-chosen Hotel/hospitality structure in Peru);
  • When the traveller has declared in the Sworn Health Declaration Form to be positive to Covid-19;
  • When one is a minor below 14 years, or an adult over 65 (these last two categories are currently required to strictly observe the quarantine rule within Peru, until the end of the state of emergency);
  • When the traveller’s final destination is a region or province within Peru where the quarantine rule must be observed (currently, neither Lima nor any city or province within the Loreto department, including Iquitos, are part of that list).

You will need to leave a mobile number for traceability and allow the geolocation of your device (even though we don’t see how in the jungle that may eventually be possible).

If you plan to do a retreat with us in Peru, we recommend you to either contact the Peruvian Consulate in your country, or else to wait until further details will emerge with regard to whom will be specifically required to observe the quarantine, before booking your trip. Be aware that breaking the quarantine rule – where applicable – may put you in trouble with the authorities, and one may risk to be charged of concurrence in culpable epidemic, according to Peruvian law. So, at this point in history we ask for you to please bear with us, until more clear details will officially be published. You should also note that failure to complete and submit the sworn health declaration form before your arrival in Peru may prevent you to be allowed entry in the country, or else, to travel within Peru (if you are already there).