Mark Mitchell, USA

Mundo Magico,

I have just finished a one week programme and would like to thank you for everything. Shamanka Anita, the ceremonies were one of the most beautiful things that I have seen. The icaros were amazing. I feel the energy and I feel a stronger connection to the universe. Anita put so much heart and love with the ceremonies, and they were perfect,

Thank you also to all of the staff, Erica, German, Dennis and Ruben. Ruben, the food was delicious. Everyone made my stay happy at every moment. Thank you also Ricardo, jungle guide and translator. Ricardo, your knowledge of the jungle and the local customs is very impressive and I have learnt a lot from you.

Lots of love

Mark Mitchell, Writer, Chicago, USA

Rachele Iannone & Vincenzo Onorato, U.K.

Questa e’ stata un’esperienza unica per noi! Due settimane intense e purificatorie, ci hanno aperto un mondo diverso dove ho scoperto nuovi orizzonti. Mi sento più carica, più positiva ora nel guardare al futuro. Tutto ciò grazie alle curanderas Maria, Anita e Mercy che sono state tutto il tempo con noi e sempre attente alle nostre esigenze, facendoci sentire sempre protetti e coccolati. Un grazie particolare a tutto lo staff che e’ sempre gentile e sorridente e disponibile a tutto quel che si chiede. Grazie infinite per tutto!


That was a unique experience for us! Two intense and purifying weeks which have opened up a different world where I discovered new horizons. I now feel more charged, more positive in looking at the future. All this thanks to the curanderas Maria, Anita and Mercy who have been with us all the time and were always attentive to our needs, making us feel always protected and pampered. A special thanks to all staff, always kind, smiling and always available and helpful. Thank you so much for everything!


Rachele Iannone & Enzo Onorato, UNITED KINGDOM

Antonio Matos, USA

From the airport until the last meeting with the shamankas, I very much felt in protecting and nurturing hands. My Ayahuasca experience helped myself to get a grip on the blockage and limiting behaviours that I’ve subconsciously made into bad habits with a new perspective on the positives and negatives in my past. I can now approach the present with less anxiety over uncertainty and more confidence to reach my goals. Learning about my Arkana, my spiritual animal, has given me an instructional command on how to combine my spiritual growth as I return to the hustle and bustle of New York City. Can’t wait to integrate spiritual animal meditations into my daily life!

Antonio Matos, New York, USA



Thank you for everything. It’s been an incredible experience and I leave a very happy man. I arrived as someone with much tension, pain and anxiety covering my body. The three weeks here, the Ayahuasca, and the ceremonies have helped to deconstruct all of this and have left me in a much better place.

Love and peace to you all.



For such a short stay (only 7 days) the insights and learnings that I have reached were truly remarkable. My reasons for being guided to come and the real reasons around what healing I needed to have were completely different. Ayahuasca gave me what I needed, not what I wanted. She knew my deepest issues that only I know about and made me face and overcome them. Although it was the hardest week of my life I have had immense releases of healing that have spanned many lifetimes let alone years.

The Shipibo shamankas are deeply caring people whose biggest concerns are your safety, healing and protection. This is done on a personal level guided by the various spirits of palos maestros that they are connected to.
I leave today with a different outlook on how to approach my spirituality and the different ways that I can heal my body and spirit as well as open my connection to the spirits and consciousness. I would like to thank all the staff here for making my stay so welcome & Ercilia for guiding me so intuitively through this journey. I will always have a deep spiritual connection to all of them.
Thank you.


Melissa Achiaa, GERMANY

The insights, messages, internal work/processes that happened during my long term stay of two months are more I could have asked for. A valuable worth that no money could ever buy. I feel truly blessed and happy for having received that chance to being here. As one friend I came to meet here put it, “You don’t choose the Center, the Center chooses you”. And so, it felt perfectly right to be in this wonderful place with all it includes.

The beautiful, open hearted shaman(a)s, staff, food, accommodation and so on and so forth.

Thank you guys (For Everything)!

I shall come again if the universe so wishes.

Melissa Achiaa, GERMANY


Thank you very much for organising my week, it was an incredible experience. Merci was lovely, she really made sure to help me as much as she could  to make things easier for me. The Shamankas Juanita and Ercilia also worked really hard to help me have visions, and heal my soul and body as I had my third eye and spiritual body blocked. They made me feel safe and welcomed. It was a very intense spiritual experience, which I think I’ll benefit from the rest of my life. The shamankas would share their visions with us, the following day, and that really enriched the experience. They made me feel safe and protected.

Maria Lopez (“Nome de Plume”), U.K.

Silvia Mazzanti, ITALY

I can only thank “El Mundo Magico” for the experience of love that I could live, thanks to the people I met here. I spent 9 unforgettable days. Excellent organization, I felt protected and guided through a whole new world for me. I owe a special thanks to the curandera Ercilia who followed and took care of me during all my stay. I thank Erica and Mercy for their kindness and all the staff who have cooked very well and controlled our accommodations with presence and perseverance. A big thank you to everyone !!!
Posso solo ringraziare “El Mundo Magico” per l’esperienza di amore che grazie alle persone che qui ho incontrato ho potuto vivere. Ho passato 9 giorni indimenticabili. Ottima organizzazione, mi sono sentita protetta e condotta in un mondo per me nuovo. Devo un grazie particolare alla curandera Ercilia che mi ha seguito e curato durante tutta la mia permanenza. Ringrazio Erica e Mercy per la loro gentilezza e tutto lo staff che ha cucinato benissimo e controllato i nostro alloggi con presenza e costanza. Un grande grazie a tutti!!!
Silvia Mazzanti, ITALY

Riccardo Blando, ITALY

Thank you for the fabulous welcome I found here. Ercilia is a magical woman who helped and led me a lot during the whole week of work. An unforgettable and helpful experience, for a journey of personal growth. I hope to be able to return in the future and have the chance to stay more time to work with the medicine of the forest. I also sincerely thank all the staff, from the chefs who have always prepared excellent dishes, to the guardian who has always been available to my requests with discretion, and was an essential presence during the time of my staying.

With love

Riccardo Blando, ITALY


Ringrazio per la favolosa accoglienza che ho trovato qui. Ercilia, donna magica che mi ha aiutato e guidato molto durante tutta la settimana di lavoro. Per me e’ stata una esperienza indimenticabile e di aiuto, per un percorso di crescita personale. Spero di poter tornare in futuro e avere la possibilità di rimanere più tempo per lavorare con la medicina della selva. Ringrazio vivamente anche tutto lo staff, dai cuochi che hanno preparato sempre degli ottimi piatti, al guardiano che sempre e’ stato disponibile alle mie richieste con discrezione e presenza fondamentale per il tempo della permanenza.

Con Affetto

Riccardo Blando, ITALY

Tammie Roitman, USA

I attended at Trip to Colombia with El Mundo Magico at the end of July 2015. This was the most amazing experience of my life even before I went. There were some issues with the inter country airline who cancelled the original flight, Francesco was very helpful to make sure that everything was reworked to go one day later and stay a day longer. The very first day of arrival we were met by our hosts including Taita Victoriano, one of our Shamans and Gabriel, who was part of the family we stayed with. They greeted us with open arms and appeared to be very happy that we were there with them. Everybody made me feel like I was a part of their family. They were very warm and loving the entire trip to me. Each day our group went to an amazing new location to be explored and the first day we went to this place called the End of the World, which I think took most people in our group about 2 and a half or more hours and took me probably an hour extra due to me being out of condition for such a long upward hike; however I was not left alone, Taita Victoriano stay with me to make sure that I was OK and even cleared some energy block and unbalancing that I had along the way. Taita Laureano the father of Victoriano was 108, he went with us on some of our hikes and was very involved with each person on a personal level. The day after each ceremony we all met as a group and each of the Shamans took the time to address and talk with each one of us. They shared a lot about their selves as well as the Siona people. They were very insightful about life and shared their views openly. I felt comfortable asking any questions and the answers were in-depth and insightful.

When I decide it is time for me to do a trip like this I view it as school where we are both the student and teacher, I felt that both Taita Laureano and Victoriano were amazing teachers and were willing when needed to be the student as well facilitating the moving forward of a person. I am very appreciative of both of them The group itself was amazing in that each person helped out the other in communication with the shamans and other people. Everybody was willing to help the other work on whatever each of us was there to do. It was very comfortable and uncomfortable at time due to having to deal with something to move forward that I didn’t like to have to see or deal with for that matter. However; when you decide to do a trip like this it is always to move yourself forward, therefore learning and growing can be uncomfortable at time. It is much easier to be able to do with people that you may not know, however feel very comfortable with and this is how I felt with the group of people I was with.

Gabriel and his family were amazing in that not only did they all treat us like one of their own family member; they make sure that each person was taken care of and wanted for nothing. I am a very laid back person and want to interact with people; I felt that everybody was a part of my family that I never even knew I had. I was able to interact with everybody as if they had been my friends for such a long time.The food was amazing everything was very fresh like it had just been picked or just fished out of the water. I am a vegetarian and they went out of their way to make sure that the food was prepared to meet my needs.

I have been on trips like this before in Peru; however this one was the most amazing!!!! I can’t wait to get back to such a loving group of people!!! I would recommend this trip before I would recommend any other trip to work with a Shaman. I will never be able to express how much gratitude and appreciation to everyone who was a part of my amazing trip. Thank You Thank You Francesco & Igni for this amazing opportunity!!!!

Tammie Roitman, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA