How to complete the Peruvian Sworn Health Declaration form

Disclaimer: The Sworn Health Declaration Form – a remnant of the pandemic entry restrictions protocol – is not anymore required to enter Peru. 

The Traveller’s Sworn Health Declaration form (Declaración Jurada de Salud del Viajero) is an online form which needs to be initially accessed via the following URL of the Peruvian Immigration Office: (this initial registration page is in Spanish only, but is very basic and short):


Declaración Jurada de Salud

Screenshot of the initial registration page to access the proper Traveller’s Sworn Health Declaration Form

The form starts with a scroll down menu where you have to select your “Nacionalidad” (Nationality): be patient as all nations names are in Spanish (for instance, “Belgica” stands for Belgian, “Dinamarca” for Denmark, “EE.UU.” stands for United States, and “Gran Bretaña” stands for Great Britain); this is followed on the second line by another scroll down menu where you have to indicate the type of ID you will be inputting: the default position is set to “DNI” (which you should ignore, unless you are a Peruvian national): select “Pass” instead, which stands for Passport. Then on the line below there is a prompt to enter your “N° Documento“: enter your Passport number there. On the following line below, you will be asked to insert your “Fecha de Nacimiento“: select your date of birth using the arrows to navigate the menu of years, months and days. Again, all the names of the months here are in Spanish but except for “ENE” (January), “ABR” (April), “AGO” (August) and “DIC” (December), all the other months have their name abbreviated as in English.

Screenshot of the registration page to access the Traveller's Sworn Health Declaration Form using as model a US nationality and passport

Screenshot of the registration page to access the Traveller’s Sworn Health Declaration Form using as model a US nationality and passport


Once you fill-in the required information, you will be automatically redirected to the proper sworn health declaration form: (in Spanish and English), which must be duly completed. All passengers – including minors and over 65′ – are required to complete and sign the form and declare that they have no symptoms of Covid-19 infection and that have not been in contact with anybody having Covid-19 either. At the end of the form is mentioned that one also agrees to do a mandatory quarantine upon arriving at destination. In our understanding, however, the quarantine rule may only be applicable in the following cases:

  • When an individual has tested positive to Covid-19 (into which case one will be taken to a hospital facility);
  • When one shows symptoms compatible with a suspect Covid-19 infection (in this case the mandatory self-isolation will usually take place in a government-chosen Hotel/hospitality structure in Peru);
  • When the traveller has declared in the Sworn Health Declaration Form to be positive to Covid-19;
  • When one is a minor below 14 years, or an adult over 65 (these last two categories are currently required to strictly observe the quarantine rule within Peru, until the end of the state of emergency);
  • When the traveller’s final destination is a region or province within Peru where the quarantine rule must be observed (currently, neither Lima nor any city or province within the Loreto department, including Iquitos, are part of that list).

You will need to leave a mobile number for traceability and allow the geolocation of your device (even though we don’t see how in the jungle that may eventually be possible).

If you plan to do a retreat with us in Peru, we recommend you to either contact the Peruvian Consulate in your country, or else to wait until further details will emerge with regard to whom will be specifically required to observe the quarantine, before booking your trip. Be aware that breaking the quarantine rule – where applicable – may put you in trouble with the authorities, and one may risk to be charged of concurrence in culpable epidemic, according to Peruvian law. So, at this point in history we ask for you to please bear with us, until more clear details will officially be published. You should also note that failure to complete and submit the sworn health declaration form before your arrival in Peru may prevent you to be allowed entry in the country, or else, to travel within Peru (if you are already there).