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Magical retreat! Photo © El Mundo Magico

Magical retreat! Photo © El Mundo Magico

Prateesh Prasad, UNITED KINGDOM

(Ayahuasca retreat, PERU)


I came here a week ago. As soon as I arrived I felt like this is my family home. I have heard about Ayahuasca Diet a lot so I really went to try, so I did it. But one thing for sure: if you don’t have any intention to do it, never try.

I learnt a lot about it. The people are really amazing. They look after you like a family. I came here to get what I really wanted, and I received it. Very peaceful place, very caring. Overall this is the the best place to try Ayahuasca.

Lots of love.

Prateesh Prasad, U.K.

Daniel Schmidt, DENMARK

(45 days shamanic diet with master trees, PERU)
My trip here has been a profound and amazing experience. You can do Ayahuasca in many places and with many different people, but for me it’s about who you do it with and where. And find that place and those people to do it right HERE!!! The whole family takes such good care of you with love and big smiles. Nice food and fresh fruit. Eloida, Robert, Oliver, and Robert’s mother. You four have thought me many things, fatherhood, love and compassion. I will always cherish that, thank you. Don Clever, aka the bandana man. What can I say? You are a master of people and the jungle. Always there to help and guide. I have seen you in many dreams and visions. You showed me many Palos Maestros in my dreams and when we walked in the jungle. You take pride in your work and I truly admire that. Thank you my friend. Francesco, a big thanks for all your help. Truly appreciate it.
Don Guido, Maestro. A true master and teacher. I came here to find out if the medicine path was my calling. Indeed it is, and I found my teacher. Don Guido is an artist, truly amazing. I found out through him that to be a good shaman you need a pure heart and he has that. He is so connected to the trees and plants. He is two steps ahead all the time. He is Ayahuasca and Ayahuasca is him. I am looking forward to next year when I can learn some more of your knowledge and power. If you have a desire to explore the world of Plant Medicine this is the place. Don Clever and Don Guido will guide you with humour and serious work. A great combination.
I leave here a different person. A better husband, a better father. And most important of all, a better me. By coming here you can not only heal yourself but your ancestors and the future generations to come. Muchas gracias to everyone here at El Mundo Magico. You are forever in my heart.
Thank you Stephen (Stefano) for stepping by on your 2 weeks dieta. Thank you for your friendship and all you did for me. See you soon!
Daniel MacDonnell Schmidt, DENMARK

Hans and Clara, GERMANY

(Yagé retreat, COLOMBIA)


We spent quite some time on research about Yagé retreats before our trip to Colombia. In the end we decided for El Mundo Magico, because it seemed to be the most serious offer. Of course, it is not a cheap offer, but we did not regret it, getting an experience we will never forget. The welcome was a very warm one and we felt integrated and at home right from the arrival. The whole family helped to make our stay as pleasant as possible, including e.g. preparing snacks at 4:00 AM!

There is a lot of laughter and love around and the simple and easy-going way at the Finca facilitates the whole experience. All amenities are very clean and especially the Maloka, a very nice spot. Five consecutive days of rituals is very exhaustive so that at the end we skipped one day of Yagé. In hindsight, we would have liked more breaks in between. Especially if combined with hiking trips. We therefore spent most of the time on the Finca itself, relaxing during daytime. The friendly and beautiful surroundings invite you to just rest, hang around, and process the impressions from the ceremonies.

Taita Gabino, a scholar of the renowned Taita Querubín, was a perfect choice for a master of ceremony. Together with his wife Fanny he guided us safely and sensitively through the rituals. His explanations were lucid, funny and very human. The two of them guided us, also without many words, in just the right mixture of seriousness, laughter, dancing, and singing.

There was room for every kind of emotion that arouse. Gabriel, the local facilitator, is very caring and charming. Besides, he knows a lot about the local flora and fauna and is ever willing to share this knowledge and also his experience with Yagé.

¡Muchas gracias por esta experiencia inolvidable!

Hans Gmasz & Clara, GERMANY

Stephen Baxter, UNITED KINGDOM

(Shamanic retreat, PERU)


What can I say. No words can ever describe my time and experience here. It has been the most remarkable + profound experience of my life + I’m 55. Clever and Don Guido are the perfect people to have to guide you through this hard + wonderful journey. I will never forget this experience + will take all it taught me to the end of my life here + through to the next. Thank you all so much for everything.

Stephen Baxter, U.K.

Pat Bruno, ITALY

(15 days Ayahuasca and shamanic plant diet retreat, PERU)


I was so happy to be here, I felt great in the jungle, even if I had hard times with Ayahuasca ceremonies. Don Guido was great and with his icaros, he shacked me from within, deep in my cells, helping me with my visions. I was so thankful to God to have me brought here, and know this ancient culture. Clever was also great in helping me with translations in English. Also, great thanks to Eloida and her family. Thanks to all of you and to La Selva.

Pat Bruno, ITALY


(3 months shamanic plant dieta apprenticeship retreat, PERU)


I can hardly imagine that I’ve come to the end of my time here, as it has become my home, my sanctuary, over these past 3 months and how perfect a day today has been, to share this day with the extended family of Robert & Eloida. This delicious food and the love which has been my support and foundation through the good times and rough times. I remember when I arrived, everything felt so strange, so very far from home. I despaired the first week that I would be able to make such a difficult journey possible. To say that I am a different person today would be an understatement. What I have learned from Don Guido, Don Clever, Don Marcel, Don Robert and Doña Eloida and Oliver has changed me, changed my perception of myself and the world in which I live. It helped to break down the barriers of fear, of perception and within myself. Without Mashico‘s comforting food, I never would have made it! Without Eloida & Robert expert care, I never would have made it. But what made it special are the dear friendship I have made. More like a beautiful family, because that’s what you all gave to me. Your hearts. That’s priceless.

Most importantly is Clever’s guidance, support, care and friendship. You truly are the tree from which many branches grow and prosper. The giving tree.

I hope and pray that your vision for this place finds deep roots and is going strong for many many years to come. And I hope that I have helped in some minor way. To add my voice, my continuous support. Thank you for always looking out for me, and sharing your amazing knowledge of plants!!

With arms outstretched to all of you, for many years to come.

All my love and blessings,


William Hamilton & Thi Le, USA

(Ayahuasca retreat, PERU)


Muchas Gracias Para La Medicina!

This whole experience has been very profound. We came here with hopes of healing and will be leaving with a new open heart and mind. Each Ayahuasca session gave us a better perspective of ourselves. We learned about the plants, environment, community, and our own consciousness.

All the staff have been amazing. At the end of the experience, we can say that everyone feels like family. We hope to keep in touch and return for more healing in the future. An extra big thank you to shaman Don Guido for his guidance! We love you all so much!!!

The land and environment really made our visit better. The bungalow we stayed in was great. It was relaxing to be immersed  in the nature and be disconnected from the fast world for a bit. The extra activities such as walking in the jungle, flower baths, and master tree ritual was a helpful addition.

We can’t say thank you enough! Were very happy! The healing will continue.

Much Love,

William Hamilton & Thi Le, USA

Jason Elgie, CANADA

(Ayahuasca retreat, PERU)


We had a great time! We like the facility and the simplicity of being disconnected in the jungle. It is just nice to be unplugged for a while. I was unsuccessful in my 5 Ayahuasca ceremonies, but I really enjoyed them. It has provided a good base to see what is to come. I hope this isn’t the end of my Ayahuasca journey. Everyone at El Mundo Magico was extremely accommodating and friendly. The food was great cooked, healthy and clean, with great natural flavours. Who could ask for more?

The rooms are nice and we liked the open air concert. It made me feel one with nature while I was here. Some would say that all the rain was bad, but I loved it. It was so relaxing for sleeping and made everything so lush and green. I hope our paths will cross again: couldn’t have asked for more gracious hosts to let us into their hearts and homes for the duration of the our stay. Thank you all!

Jason Elgie, CANADA

Randi Hannon, CANADA

(Ayahuasca retreat, PERU)


Thank you for your hard work & patience through my journey this week. I had a slow, frustrating start, however, with your help and utmost attention, I was able to come through this week having a beautiful and visual Ayahuasca experience. The facilities were very clean and cozy, making a comfortable stay. The meals were ways plentiful and delicious. Everyone treated me like family which made my stay away from home very easy.

I’m so grateful for this experience & to benefit from don Guido’s many years of experience, honing his craft. A very gentle and soft first Ayahuasca experience, among other ceremonies as well. Muchas gracias El Mundo Magico!

Randi Hannon, Calgary, AB, CANADA


(Ayahuasca retreat, PERU)


Ayahuasca is something that will motivate you to do it. Only after 3/4 days of jungle and ceremonies, you can really understand what is going on. Deep in nature, surrounded by humble people, it makes you focus on yourself, and gives you time to structure your future and your targets. Clever is a great gentle man, always there to support you, and [will] help you to find answers to your wondering [mind].

Worth every single second spent with the jungle family.