Ayahuasca and shamanic dieta retreat centre, near Iquitos (Peru): Accommodation in the “Ayahuma” venue

Bungalow accommodation.

Bungalow accommodation

Our Ayahuasca and plant medicine retreat centre “Ayahuma” is located off km 23 of the road Iquitos-Nauta, in the North-Eastern Peruvian Amazon rainforest, on the edges of the Allpahuayo Mishana natural reserve, and is surrounded by 70 hectares of privately-owned jungle. Guests for the Ayahuasca retreat – and any other type of plant medicine retreats we offer – may stay in comfortable 30 and 36 square metres double and triple-occupancy bungalows, with en-suite bathroom (shower, toilet and wash basin), suitable for individual participants and couples (or couples of friends) alike. No surcharge for single-occupancy of a double/triple bungalow, unless of private retreats. Our standard beds are 2 metres (L) x 1.20 metres (W) and larger double beds are available upon request. Bed linen, pillows, mattresses and cotton-made mosquito-nets will be provided at the retreat.

Inside of a bungalow at the retreat.

Bungalow, at the retreat

Bungalows are most suited for long-term staying, e.g. for the shamanic plant dieta, as they are more spacious and pretty much independent/self-contained. We also have 3 double/twin cabins of 4 square metres each (4 x 4 m), with en-suite wash basin & flush toilet, and shared outside shower. No surcharge for single-occupancy of a double cabin, unless of private retreats.

Retreat bungalow

Retreat bungalow

Cabins are more suitable for shorter staying (e.g. for the Ayahuasca retreat). Currently, we can accommodate up to 13 guests on a shared occupancy basis, or 6 guests on an individual occupancy basis. Three more cabins are currently being built, which will cater for the accommodation of extra 3 guests (on individual occupancy basis), or 6 guests (on a double occupancy basis).

En-suite bathroom with shower in the bungalow

En-suite bathroom with shower

No electricity, although your mobile phone may be charged indoors, thanks to a power generator. There is no internet signal/WhatsApp reception right inside the centre (which is in the jungle), however the mobile signal may be found 25 mins hike away, off km 23 of the road Iquitos-Nauta, depending on whether conditions. A stronger signal may be found at the El Dorado jungle hamlet, approximately 35 mins hike away. You may want to bring spare battery banks and/or a solar charger to recharge your digital appliances. Inside bungalows and cabins, night illumination is provided via battery-powered lanterns/lamps and candles. Treated drinkable water will be provided throughout your staying.

Bungalow at the retreat (with mosquito net overhanging on bed)

Bungalow at the retreat (with mosquito net overhanging on the bed)

We will be delighted to offer you private Ayahuasca and shamanic plant medicine retreats, fully customizable, of any length, from 1 week onwards. Please inquire for details, specifying your requirements, including any dietary requirement you may have, number of plant medicine ceremonies, type of ceremonies, number of participants, number of interpreters, length of staying, and any other important/essential detail we may need to offer you a precise quote for your retreat.