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Icaros: Ayahuasca healing songs

Shamanic AYAHUASCA ICAROS Songs for Cleansing, Healing and Protection of Mind, Body and Spirit

“The CD is a beautiful collection of ten songs made in the field (or rather – in the jungle), presenting the real icaros tradition of the shamans who performs them. The CD comes with a well-written booklet introducing the tradition, and describing each of the songs.

A valuable collection of this haunting spirit music.”

Nick Wood – Sacred Hoop Magazine

Download here the FREE PDF Article Icaros: Magical Songs of the Amazon, originally published on paper version of Sacred Hoop magazine, issue 68/2010 (courtesy of Nick Wood, Sacred Hoop Magazine: www.sacredhoop.org).


Listen to an extract from
Icaros – Shipibo Spirit Songs (Don Adriano – Arkana)

About the CD

 Icaros CD: “Shipibo Spirit Songs” – Available NOW!

“Now that I have extracted this black spirit from you, I can call for the good spirits to come.

I want them to arrive like a whirlpool.

I want the good spirits to arrive here as a whirlpool and enter with power inside your body.

I want this whirlpool to rise above you, to be strong. […]

May nothing enter, may no evil spirit enter this body and may all be cleansed and pure. […]”

(Excerpt from Track 1b, “Arkana. Icaro for Spiritual Protection” by Don Adriano Rodriguez)

This special edition Icaros CD features the icaros of indigenous Shipibo Master Shamans (Onanyas) Don Adriano Rodriguez Raimundo, Don Mariano Silvano Sinuiri and Don Alfredo, all recorded live during traditional Ayahuasca and Toé healing sessions in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru.

In this CD – a rarity in its own gender, the only one we know of accompanied by the English text and commentary to the Shipibo icaros – there are many insights on the mysterious nature of the icaros and their origins in the Plant Spirit world.

Intoxicated by the Ayahuasca medicine, the Shipibo-Conibo shamans invoke their auxiliary spirits to help them in the healing of their patients: in one case, also to ward off the ever-powerful Mahoa Yushin, the Wondering Spirit of the Dead, reputed to be responsible for soul loss, illness and even death (especially among children). The shamans engage their magical melodies to free the participants to the healing sessions from negative energies and – often – from evil spirits and dark forces dwelling inside them. Invisible but real forces which the healers perceive as the cause of emotional/psychic imbalance and stress, and manifesting in people as depression disorders.

Not everybody knows that the unique (and at times, dramatic) change of tunes (the typical ”dual choir” style with alternating high-pitch voice) employed by the Shipibo shamans reflects – in a status of trance induced by the Ayahuasca or Toé medicines – their contact with feminine spirits. We had the privilege of recording and translating the moving dialogues that took place between the shamans and their spirit guides: spirits who were either summoned or turned up spontaneously during the Ayahuasca ritual.

This Icaros CD comes with a 16 pages color booklet which provides unique insights in the Shipibo-Conibo entheogenic shamanic healing traditions.

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