El Mundo Magico: Vision Statement

Puma Sacha Rainforest Reserve

Puma Sacha rainforest reserve, Peruvian Amazon. Photo © El Mundo Magico

South American rainforests are being destroyed by corporate Illuminati, rivers and jungles are being polluted by oil extraction, mining, and fracking. Huge swaths of jungle are also being cleared in favour of the cultivation of industrial crops such as oil palm and cocoa plantations, which are driving deforestation on a devastating and unprecedented scale. Incidentally, these magical forests have the richest concentration of visionary plants on earth. Invert the clock of history and contribute to a much needed change of this dramatic trend, by taking part to our special, shamanic journeys in the Amazon rainforest with native indigenous shamans. Break the chains of globalization, expand your consciousness, tune yourself in with the plants, the earth and infinity. Support the work we do & our mission. Invest in your future and your vision. Be a seed of change. Bring about your quantum change. Be part of a new evolutionary moment and movement on the planet. Radically shift your perception, revolutionize your cognitive field and fixed idea of reality and the world.

By booking your trip and retreat with us, you are reassured that what you pay – on top of being re-invested in the constant amelioration of our services, to offer you an experience that will exceed your best expectations – goes towards new ethical and sustainable projects aimed at the valorization of the immense Amazonian plant medicine lore, at the preservation and investigation of the native indigenous cultures of the Amazon basin, with special emphasis to researching their ethnobotanical, ethnomusical and shamanic lore.