Ayahuasca retreats, San Pedro, shamanic diet apprenticeship

Butterfly in Pilpintuwasi Endangered Jungle Animals Sanctuary, Iquitos, Peru

Butterfly in Pilpintuwasi endangered jungle animals sanctuary, near Iquitos (Peru). Photo: Andrey Emelianov

What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly.

Lao Tzu


OUR MAGICAL RETREATS IN PERU AND COLOMBIA ARE TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED, DUE TO THE WORLDWIDE COVID-19 VIRUS OUTBREAK. WE WILL ENDEAVOUR TO RESUME THEM, AS SOON AS THE EMERGENCY WILL BE CALLED OFF. Whilst we cannot offer at this stage a precise timing of when this may happen, new research lends credit to the possibility that the pandemic might dramatically easy in July, with the arrival of Summer (specific climate conditions such as high temperature, UV radiation from the sun and high humidity seem to affect the transmission of viruses). If this prediction will prove true, we hope that sometime between late June and late July 2020 our retreats may start to gradually resume. We will closely monitor the evolution of the constantly unfolding events, and will update and adjust our course of action accordingly, every month. In the meantime, until further notice, please note that distant consultations with the shaman in both Peru and Colombia are also suspended, and we won’t be able to ship any icaros CD order either. You are still welcome, however, to download our beautiful icaros collection and enjoy the magical songs of those great Peruvian shamans, most of whom have now passed to Spirit. We do hope that after these exceptionally trying times, we may all “take time to be a butterfly” (to say it with Gillian Duce)!


Ayahuasca and palero master shaman Don Guido paying homage to the Remocaspi master tree, in the Amazon jungle.

Ayahuasca and Palero master shaman Don Guido, paying homage to the Remocaspi master tree, in the jungle surrounding our centre, in the Amazon rainforest of Peru, near Iquitos.

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In Peru, we offer…

Intensive Ayahuasca retreat, shamanic healing plant diet and shamanic dieta apprenticeship, under the expert guidance of our Palero master shamans, in our private rainforest reserve, near the Allpahuayo Mishana natural reserve (close to Iquitos), in the heart of the PERUVIAN AMAZON. Our centre is open – with retreats usually ongoing – ALL year round, including the Easter, Christmas and New Year period. Unique opportunity to come for a private shamanic diet, or a private Ayahuasca, San Pedro retreat (just for you and/or your family/friends), subject to availability.

Fire meditation ritual

Fire meditation ritual for protection and empowerment, on the rainforest white sand floor of our ceremonial house, in the Amazon jungle.

Fully immerse yourself in the magical world of Ayahuasca, Camalonga (Thevetia peruviana, traditionally used by Vegetalistas and Curanderos in Peru, for divination), and other Amazonian shamanic plant medicine like Toé (Brugmansia sp., mainly used by shamans to dramatically enhance the power of vision and divination), Mapacho (Nicotiana sp., for cleansing and protection), and nearly thirty different varieties of powerful Master Trees (Palos Maestros).

With Maestro palero Don Guido, in front of a Remocaspi master tree. Photo: C. Hoyos

With master Palero and Ayahuasquero shaman Don Guido, in front of a Remocaspi teacher tree, in the Amazon rainforest reserve around our centre.

Integrate your Ayahuasca and shamanic plant diet retreat with a San Pedro (Huachuma) ceremony, the legendary “cactus of the Four Winds“, or do a full San Pedro retreat with Shipibo Maestra Celia Panduro, most renowned for her exquisitely beautiful icaros. Harvest the powerful Chaliponga (Diplopterys cabrerana) in the rainforest surrounding our centre and learn how to prepare the Ayahuasca brew with the shaman. Take part to the Fire meditation ritual (as part of the shamanic diet)…and much more!

No other centre in the Peruvian Amazon offers the wealth of ceremonies with plant teachers one may experience in our Ayahuasca retreat centre, and nowhere else one may do the shamanic apprenticeship via the plant teachers diet (dieta), taking an ultra-concentrated brew prepared with twenty-eight different types of powerful “palos maestros”.

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In a nutshell, you may choose to take part to a:

  • Ayahuasca retreat: Very intensive, 8-22 days (7-21 nights) long. FIVE Ayahuasca ceremonies, one Toé (Brugmansia sp.) and one Camalonga (Thevetia peruviana) ceremony, per week.
  • San Pedro (Huachuma) ceremony, to complement your shamanic retreat (whether Ayahuasca or plant dieta), with Shipibo Maestra Celia and her assistant.
  • San Pedro retreat: 8 days/7 nights long. FOUR San Pedro, two Ayahuasca, one Camalonga and one Toé ceremonies, with Shipibo Maestra Celia and her assistant).
  • Shamanic plant diet tester/pre-dieta retreat: 8+ days; typically THREE Ayahuasca ceremonies, three Toé and two Camalonga dream rituals, per week.
  • Shamanic dieta with the magical Toé (Brugmansia) plant teacher: 10-60 days long.
  • Shamanic diet with the plant teacher Camalonga: 30-90 days long; THREE Ayahuasca, three Toé and two Camalonga dream rituals, per week.
  • Shamanic diet with Master trees: Cycles of 45 days each; THREE Ayahuasca ceremonies, three Toé and two Camalonga rituals, per week. Drink ceremonially a special, ultra-concentrated, powerful brew prepared by our Palero shaman with twenty-eight different varieties of powerful Master trees.
  • Shamanic apprenticeship via the plant teachers diet/dieta: Cycles of 13 weeks each; THREE Ayahuasca ceremonies, three Toé and two Camalonga rituals per week. Drink ceremonially, every 45 days, an ultra-concentrated, powerful, brew prepared by our master palero shaman with twenty-eight types of sacred Master trees.

All the above also include:

  • Shamanic rituals with a giant grandmother ayahuasca vine, growing wild in the rainforest surrounding our centre.
  • Shamanic rituals with sacred master trees, in the jungle.
  • Private consultation with the shaman.
  • Rituals of spiritual purification (include smudging with Palo Santo, the Holy Tree).
  • Shamanic cleansing and flourishing baths with plant teachers.
  • Courtesy interpreter/facilitator English-Spanish.

Complement your Ayahuasca retreat in Peru with private Amazon river boat trips and jungle trips, visiting local Yagua and Bora native communities, seeing the giant Lupuna master tree (the master of all master plants and trees), in the primary rainforest of the Yanamono reserve and a lot more… Please contact us for more info re. dates and availability. Allow 1-2 extra days – to be done at the beginning – to fit-in the jungle trips as well, if doing any type of plant teachers diet. No price difference for the different types of retreat we offer. For prices and payment, please go here. To book your place, follow this link. Or else, learn more here…

Please kindly note that at the present moment we do not offer:

  • Single Ayahuasca or Yagé ceremonies on their own, outside the context of the retreat.
  • Ayahuasca or plant diet retreats shorter than 8 days in length.
Sacred Yagé ceremony with Taita Gabino, in our Finca in Putumayo (Colombia). Photo: G. Simboni' © El Mundo Magico

Sacred Yagé ceremony with Taita Bonifacio Gabino, in our Finca, in Putumayo (Colombia). Photo: G. Simboni’ © El Mundo Magico

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In Colombia…

In the COLOMBIAN AMAZON we offer incomparable and very intensive Yagé (Ayahuasca) retreats, 8 days to 4 weeks in length – with four all-night Yagé rituals per week – with Taita Bonifacio Gabino Garreta (who belongs to the lineage of Taita Querubin Queta Alvarado, highest spiritual authority of the Kofán people), from the Inga indigenous group of Putumayo. Our Spirit of Yagé retreats are ongoing, all year round (subject to availability), open to individual participants, couples, or small groups, whether absolute beginners, senior apprentices, or accomplished shamanic healers alike! Taita Bonifacio is one of the few shamans who still prepares a very concentrated, powerful, cream-like Ayahuasca, known in Spanish as “Miel de Yagé” (Ayahuasca honey), cooked over a traditional wood-fire, continuously for over 35 hours.

Contact us specifying the precise range of dates you would like to do your Yagé retreat in Colombia, and the number of participants in your party. We now offer the services of a Spanish-English-Italian facilitator/interpreter, included in the retreat fees. Participants must be in good physical, mental and emotional conditions suitable to the activities contemplated in the Yagé retreat. Please familiarize yourself with our Ayahuasca & health and safety information page and carefully read the information provided here, before contacting us. Minimum 30 days advance booking.

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We are deeply honoured to have received permission from Taita Bonifacio and his shamanic ancestors to offer shamanic apprenticeship retreats under his guidance, in the Colombian Amazon. Please pre-register your interest and we will contact you back when the new shamanic dieta with master plants will finally be launched in Colombia. Private retreat options possible (always subject to availability). In due course, we shall offer perspective participants the extra option of doing their Yagé retreat in the new Finca currently being built by Taita Gabino in Putumayo (Southern Colombia).

Minimum advance booking:

30 days, for retreats of 1-5 participants (Yagé retreat with Taita Bonifacio Gabino)

50 days, for groups of 6-11 participants, members of the same party (Yagé retreat with Taita Bonifacio Gabino).


Don Ruperto whispering an icaro to the Ayahuasca medicine at the beginning of the ceremony

Whispering an icaro to the Ayahuasca medicine at the beginning of a ceremony, in the Amazon jungle


Download our beautiful icaros compilation, sit back, close your eyes, and enjoy journeying on the notes of these rare, magical, healing songs from the Peruvian Amazon, all recorded live during traditional Ayahuasca ceremonies!

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