Security in Peru/Iquitos & Money

Iquitos is still one of the safest places to be in Peru, with violent crime pretty much uncommon.

Despite being a relatively very safe town, petty theft and money cheats are, however, common in Iquitos and illegal tourist touts patrol the streets, starting straight from the airport, in search of freshly arrived suitable ”candidates” to sell their services to. On no account please surrender your money to them, in exchange for promised tours.

Regardless of where you are, avoid display of large sums of money in public places (including streets and especially marketplaces), do not carry valuables or expensive jewels, and keep your belongings and documents in a locked pocket of your back-pack, or in your bum-bag. Storage facilities are usually available in the Hotels we work with.

Beware of street money changers in Iquitos, always double check the amount you exchanged. Occasionally, the amount you receive may not be what you should expect, or else, they may use “worked on” calculators, and in some cases even give you counterfeit notes. Lady money changers are usually more reliable than men. There are ATM machines in Lima and Iquitos, which dispense both USD and the local Peruvian currency, Nuevos Soles.

All ATM machines in Iquitos have a daily withdrawal limit of $ 500 USD. Most credit/debit cards are accepted, included Visa, MasterCard, and Amex. Both USD and local currencies are accepted in most tourist premises, modern high street shops and supermarkets. Small shops and market places accept only Nuevos Soles. Traveller’s cheques are not much useful in Iquitos, and are hardly accepted.